Queensland Law Society

Equity & Diversity Awards

Queensland Law Society’s Equity and Diversity Awards are designed to recognise firms that embrace the changing nature of the profession by promoting positive firm cultures that celebrate staff diversity and accommodate lifestyle needs.

These include:

  • flexible working practices that maintain work-life balance and support legal practitioners with diverse backgrounds and lifestyle requirements
  • equitable recruitment, promotion and education policies
  • education of diversity within the profession, including anti-discrimination legislation and harassment and bullying
  • other meaningful gender, disability or ethnicity initiatives.

This is a wonderful opportunity for legal practices to demonstrate how they lead the field in best practice employment policies and build their position as an employer of choice by promoting positive internal cultures and improving their recruitment position.

This award also reinforces a positive culture within the workplace.  Any non-government legal practice in Queensland, including community legal centres, can nominate.

The award is an initiative of QLS’s Equalising Opportunities in the Law Committee.

Email news@qls.com.au for further information.