Queensland Law Society

Advocacy Annual launch!

Queensland Law Society is proud to launch the inaugural Queensland Law Society Advocacy Annual! The 2010/11 Advocacy Annual provides an overview of the most important issues tackled by the Society in the 2010 calendar year and the beginning of 2011 sorted by areas of legal practice. The briefs cover the issues’ backgrounds, actions conducted and outcomes achieved.

Advocacy services are among the most important the Queensland Law Society offers to the legal profession and general community. At its core QLS advocacy is about bringing our members’ opinions to the attention of government, the judiciary and the public.

We’re set to break the 2009/10 record of advocacy submissions, already surpassing last year’s effort of 166 submissions and attendance at 107 consultative events.

QLS sees its Advocacy role as responsible for two important social functions: advocating for access to justice for disadvantaged Queenslanders and protecting the welfare of the profession and community regarding current public issues, identifying areas for reform.

For more information, contact principal policy solicitor Matt Dunn on 07 3842 5889.