Queensland Law Society

Plan for partnership with the profession

Our 2013-18 strategic plan and 2013-14 corporate plan aim to provide you with products and services specific to your needs, and to build a stronger professional partnership with you.

The five-year plan

Successful delivery of the five-year strategic plan will see your Society at the forefront of legal profession member service and thought leadership.

We will achieve this through tailoring our services and communication according to your type of firm or practice, area of law, career stage and specific location, and we will leverage our recognised strengths in advocacy, ethics, professional development and professional standards.

Some highlights of the strategic plan include:

  • Masterclasses in leadership and management for advanced practitioners
  • An extended  legal ethics offering
  • Adopting an account management  approach to improve our member engagement

The one-year plan

The one-year corporate plan is our first step on this journey. We have a focus on offering tailored products and services based on specific demographics. This approach is aligned to modern corporate practice and endorsed by our member research findings.

Below is a sample of tactics from the corporate plan.

  • Active re-engagement of members in their mid-career years
  • Targeted conference programs for 2013 and 2014 specialist accreditation areas
  • Revising the practice management course for those entering partnership.

QLS’s Council regularly reviews our progress against the corporate plan.

We encourage all members to look at our strategic and corporate plans and see how we aim to improve key services to support your practice and career.