Queensland Law Society

Streamlining Criminal Justice Committee: Working group (Bail)

The Society has been actively involved in the ‘Streamlining Criminal Justice’ project with a number of key stakeholders, including justices of the Supreme and District Courts, Magistrates, Legal Aid Queensland, Department of Justice and Attorney-General, Queensland and Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, Queensland Police Service, and Queensland Bar Association.

The focus of the Streamlining Criminal Justice project is to identify methods that can relieve the pressure on the criminal justice system in Queensland, which is currently under great strain. The project identified six key pressure points for the Queensland criminal justice system. As a result, six working groups have been formed to investigate how these six pressure points can be relieved. The Society is actively involved in the six Streamlining Criminal Justice Committee working groups that have been convened by the Supreme Court of Queensland.

Discussion in the ‘bail’ working group has been held on whether a bail program can be established to assist prisoners who are otherwise unjustifiably detained in custody on remand. The Society, on behalf of the bail working group, seeks expressions of interest from members who would be able to assist in the project. Should you, or your firm, be in a position to assist, please email the Society at advocacy@qls.com.au.

The Society, in calling for expressions of interest, thanks the bail working group for its work to date and acknowledges the commitment by the Queensland Bar Association to the project and the similar work/projects already undertaken by Sisters Inside.