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eDivorce changes

Information from National Communication, Family Court of Australia | Federal Circuit Court of Australia

As part of the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia’s eDivorce strategy, there have been recent changes related to process and website information for filing divorce applications and the availability of the Application for Divorce Kit from the courts.

The courts are moving to a completely electronic divorce file, which means a significant shift away from paper filing, to eFiling using the interactive online form in the Commonwealth Courts Portal.

eFiling has many benefits: there is no need to visit or queue at registries, filing fee payments are processed securely online, 24/7 access to court files, less chance for errors in applications (step-by-step guide), option to select the most suitable court date and the option to receive email notifications and alerts about the status of matters.

As part of this strategy the How do I… apply for divorce? web page has been redeveloped as a dynamic interactive page to assist clients with applying for divorce and a new How do I… register for the Commonwealth Courts Portal and eFile an application for divorce? has also been launched.

Some of the new features include interactive steps to assess a client’s eligibility to apply for divorce in Australia and to ensure they have all the documents and/or evidence that is required to complete their online application. Additional information that is relevant to specific cases, for example ‘married less than two years’ or ‘can’t locate your spouse’ are also now dynamic with concertina content that expands when clicked.

The Application for Divorce Kit is no longer available on the websites. Clients who for some reason (including no internet, no credit card, fee reduction for financial hardship, no printer/scanner) cannot eFile their divorce application, can contact the National Enquiry Centre by using live chat on the websites or email (during business hours) to request an electronic or hard copy of the kit.

The kit will no longer be provided as a ‘form’ to precedent holders. Divorce applications should be eFiled using the interactive online Application for Divorce in the Commonwealth Courts Portal.