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This year’s first edition of Proctor introduces Queensland Law Society 2017 president Christine Smyth, who outlines her agenda for the year and explains the ‘what, who and why’ of her objectives. The February issue also looks at how changes introduced by the Mental Health Act 2016 will mean better outcomes for mentally ill offenders in the Magistrates Court from next month. There’s a two-part report on elder abuse, including a request seeking practitioner feedback and a novel approach to raising community awareness. An extensive news section provides the latest details on what’s been happening in the profession, and all the regular features return to provide readers with the latest case law and information on specific areas of practice. Get up to speed in 2017 with Proctor now.

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What is Proctor?

Proctor, our flagship publication, is the pre-eminent magazine for the Queensland legal profession.

Published 11 times a year, it educates its readers with information they must be aware of, including changes in legislation, significant case law, practice directions and more.

It informs its readers with articles on legal topics and people, providing them with a clearer perspective of the functioning of the law in Queensland and their role within the profession.

It entertains its readers with social news and events, humour and interests such as wine and dining.

Proctor also provides a monthly portrait of the QLS, its activities and the services it provides to its members.

Members also receive access to an online version, a decade of archived issues and a searchable index providing citation for more than 13,000 articles published in Proctor since 1982.