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How to use the QLS ‘Find a Solicitor’ referral list

If you are having trouble using the 'Find a solicitor' referral list on the QLS website, please see the below list of frequently asked questions which may assist:

  • Geographical region: This category is a breakdown of regions in Queensland grouped by postcode. This filter will give you the most results for solicitors near you.
  • Suburb: This search box will only return results specific to the suburb that you enter. Please note that if you enter a specific suburb it won’t return results for nearby suburbs.
  • Area of Law: This is a listing of areas of law that solicitors in Queensland practise in. Our members select which areas of law they would like to be listed under.
  • Legal Aid: The category determines whether or not the solicitor takes on work on behalf of Legal Aid.
  • Speculative Action: This relates to whether an individual solicitor offers a “no win, no fee” representation policy.
  • Notary Public: A notary public is an officer of the law, given statutory powers to certify and witness documents for use overseas. If you are looking for a Justice of the Peace (JP), please see the Department of Justice website.
  • Specialist Accreditation: Accredited specialists are solicitors who have extensive experience, and have successfully completed an advanced, peer reviewed assessment program specific to their area of expertise. Only ten areas of law offer Specialist Accreditation.
  • Other Languages: This category relates to whether you require a solicitor to speak a certain language. Please note English isn’t included in the list as it is the default language in the database.
The search filters in the ‘Find a solicitor’ referral list are cumulative, which means the more filters that you use, the more exact you are asking the database to be, resulting in less data being returned. Try removing some of your filters to get more results.
The QLS online referral list is an optional service available to our members, so not all solicitors in Queensland are listed online. If you have no results showing up for solicitors in your local area, it may just be that they haven’t requested to be listed. In this case, look in the regions close to your location or try other internet search engines.
The ‘Suburb’ search box only returns results specific to that suburb, and in our database Brisbane CBD is classified as ‘Brisbane’. Try searching for the specific suburb you are after, or clear the search box and use the ‘Geographical Region’ drop down field.
An Accredited Specialist is someone who has voluntarily completed an advanced, peer reviewed assessment program specific to only ten areas of law. Many solicitors practise in specific areas of law however without being an Accredited Specialist, or in an area of law where Specialist Accreditation is not offered.
The ‘Register of solicitors’ is an online directory of solicitors who practise in Queensland. The ‘Find the solicitor’ referral list is a service offered by Queensland Law Society to members who wish to receive referrals from the public in their areas of practice.

If you are a member of the public and need a solicitor, please use ‘Find your Solicitor’ to search by area of law and location.

If you are still experiencing issues using the online referral service, please call us on 1300 367 757.