Queensland Law Society

State election 2015

Call to Parties statement

Queensland Law Society’s 2015 Call to Parties statement presented nine priority legal, social justice and democratic issues that affected the legal profession and community ahead of the upcoming state election.

It was developed in consultation with the profession through our policy committees and Council members and was representative of legal practitioners’ chief concerns requiring government redress.

This statement was presented to the two major political parties – the Liberal National Party and Australian Labor Party – in November 2014. It aimed to elicit responses from which the profession. The public then had an opportunity to review each party’s plans for the future. These responses were published in QLS Update.

Specific matters canvassed include Queensland’s law reform processes, our state’s judicial appointments process, and criminal and children’s law issues.

For more information, contact advocacy@qls.com.au or phone 07 3842 5923.