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Disability in the workplace

Disability in the workplace

According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, in 2009 there were 2.2 million Australians aged between 15 – 64 with a disability.  The 2012 report, Disability Rights Now found that Australia is failing to meet the basic rights of people with a disability in nearly all areas of life.  QLS is committed to advancing the opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in the legal profession.

Employees with disabilities have been shown to:

  • Have fewer accidents at work
  • Have lower rates of absenteeism
  • Build staff morale
  • Develop customer loyalty

(Lawyers with disabilities: Ready, willing and able, Law Institute Journal, May 2010)

A disability action plan is a great starting point for firms to become disability confident. See the Commonwealth Job Access page for more information.

Disability need not be a barrier in the workplace.  Please see the following articles in Proctor on the experiences of lawyers with disability:

For further information and resources, please see: