Queensland Law Society

Multi-disciplinary partnerships (MDPs)

Since 1 July 2007, solicitors in Queensland have been permitted to form partnerships with non-lawyers (see part 2.7 of the Legal Profession Act 2007 (Qld) (LPA)). The relevant regulations are contained in part 2.7 of the Legal Profession Regulation 2007 (Qld). For a comprehensive summary of the provisions, see our information kit for multi-disciplinary partnerships.

If your queries (other than structuring queries) are not covered by the information kit contact our Legal Practice Consultant.

Practitioners wishing to form an MDP should note the 2 prerequisites prescribed by s.144 of the LPA. Firstly, one of the partners must be an Australian legal practitioner (as defined in s.6(1) of the LPA). Secondly, the partnership business must include both legal and non-legal services.

The approved form for MDPs is:

QLS Form 27 (LPA)Notice of Intention by Australian Legal Practitioner to Provide Legal Services as a Partner in a Multi-Disciplinary Partnership