Queensland Law Society

Legal Practitioners Admissions Board

Address Level 2, Law Society House
GPO Box 1785
Brisbane QLD 4001
Phone 07 3842 5985
Fax 07 3221 7193
Email admissions@qls.com.au

The Legal Practitioners Admissions Board is the body responsible for making recommendations to the Supreme Court in respect of applications for admission to the legal profession in Queensland. The Board's primary role is to consider the eligibility (academic qualifications and practical legal training) and suitability (good fame and character) of applications for admission at a local, domestic and international level. In conjunction with the Chief Justice of Queensland, the Board takes an active role in approving academic and practical legal training courses offered by universities and educational institutes in Queensland. The Board's duties also include a consultative aspect, in that it considers proposals suggested by other stakeholders such as the Judiciary, the Legal Admissions Consultative Committee, the Queensland Government and the legal profession.

As a statutory body established under the Legal Profession Act 2007, the Board has a responsibility to carry out various legislative requirements necessary to allow it to fulfil its functions and comply with its obligations to the profession and the public.