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Discipline Updates

The Queensland Law Society Ethics Centre releases “Discipline Updates”. The updates are designed to provide a summary of recent discipline decisions to help solicitors proactively avoid complaints.

The Centre is committed to assisting solicitors maintain high standards of professional conduct.

Discipline decisions will be published regularly on this website.

Legal Services Commissioner v MA Fellows [2017] QCAT 337

19 October 2017

Professional misconduct – Tax offences – Public reprimand and pecuniary penalty

CGSL Jensen v Legal Services Commissioner [2017] QCA 189

28 September 2017

Appeal from the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal determination that the appellant’s name be removed from the roll of solicitors

Legal Services Commissioner v RB Sheehy [2017] QCAT 276

21 September 2017

Professions and trades – Lawyers – Complaints and discipline – Disciplinary proceedings – Generally

Legal Services Commissioner v AL Jackson [2017] QCAT 207

4 September 2017

Complaints and discipline – four charges made against the Respondent (three dismissed) – excessive charging of legal costs – transfer of trust money without authority

Legal Services Commissioner v RJ Gould [2016] QCAT 533

11 August 2017

Lawyers – Complaints and discipline – Professional misconduct and unsatisfactory professional conduct

Council of the Law Society of NSW v SP Yang (No. 2) [2017] NSWCATOD 111

3 August 2017

Disciplinary proceedings – Professional misconduct – failure to obtain professional indemnity insurance – appropriate sanction to be decided – reprimand and costs

Legal Services Commissioner v V Pennisi (No 2) [2017] QCAT 160

27 July 2017

Lawyers – Complaints and discipline – Disciplinary proceedings – Unsatisfactory professional conduct

Legal Services Commissioner v AM Warren [2017] QCAT 158

13 July 2017

Professional misconduct – Neglect and delay – Failed to release trust money held in trust to clients – Responded failed to respond to Applicant

Legal Services Commissioner v HW Shand [2017] QCAT 159

6 July 2017

Professions and trades – Lawyers – Disciplinary proceedings – Professional misconduct – Respondent charged and convicted with criminal offence of corruptly giving valuable consideration to influence an agent – Respondent made full admissions and did not dispute finding of professional misconduct – Whether respondent a fit and proper person to continue to practise – Whether respondent’s name should be removed from the local roll of practitioners – Whether respondent should be prohibited from applying for a practising certificate - Application for non-publication order

Legal Services Commissioner v JT Devery [2017] QCAT 155

22 June 2017

Complaints and discipline – Disciplinary proceedings – Unsatisfactory professional conduct – Respondent acted on behalf of two clients in property purchase – Unregistered transfer in favour of one client until the other client paid the balance of the purchase price – Subsequent conflict of duty and duty

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