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Discipline Updates

The Queensland Law Society Ethics Centre releases “Discipline Updates”. The updates are designed to provide a summary of recent discipline decisions to help solicitors proactively avoid complaints.

The Centre is committed to assisting solicitors maintain high standards of professional conduct.

Discipline decisions will be published regularly on this website.

Legal Services Commissioner v GR Woodman [2017] QCAT 385

8 December 2017

Professional misconduct and unsatisfactory professional conduct – criminal offences – whether the respondent is permanently unfit to practise or is not a fit and proper person to be a legal practitioner of the Supreme Court

Council of the New South Wales Bar Association v CAP Biscoe [2017] NSWCA 286

29 November 2017

Legal Profession – barrister continuing to practise without renewing practising certificate – barrister made false and misleading statements to clients, solicitors, courts and legal aid – application in inherent jurisdiction to remove the barrister from the roll – court satisfied of unfitness to practise

Council of the Law Society of New South Wales v ML Kinchington [2017] NSWCA 278

9 November 2017

Application to remove Respondent from roll of Australian Legal Practitioners – solicitor forged client’s signature on costs agreement – convicted of publishing false statement to obtain financial advantage – professional misconduct – whether solicitor not a person of good fame and character

Legal Services Commissioner v MA Fellows [2017] QCAT 337

19 October 2017

Professional misconduct – Tax offences – Public reprimand and pecuniary penalty

CGSL Jensen v Legal Services Commissioner [2017] QCA 189

28 September 2017

Appeal from the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal determination that the appellant’s name be removed from the roll of solicitors

Legal Services Commissioner v RB Sheehy [2017] QCAT 276

21 September 2017

Professions and trades – Lawyers – Complaints and discipline – Disciplinary proceedings – Generally

Legal Services Commissioner v AL Jackson [2017] QCAT 207

4 September 2017

Complaints and discipline – four charges made against the Respondent (three dismissed) – excessive charging of legal costs – transfer of trust money without authority

Legal Services Commissioner v RJ Gould [2016] QCAT 533

11 August 2017

Lawyers – Complaints and discipline – Professional misconduct and unsatisfactory professional conduct

Council of the Law Society of NSW v SP Yang (No. 2) [2017] NSWCATOD 111

3 August 2017

Disciplinary proceedings – Professional misconduct – failure to obtain professional indemnity insurance – appropriate sanction to be decided – reprimand and costs

Legal Services Commissioner v V Pennisi (No 2) [2017] QCAT 160

27 July 2017

Lawyers – Complaints and discipline – Disciplinary proceedings – Unsatisfactory professional conduct

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