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Practice Support Tip - File Management Essentials - Part 1

21 April 2016

File Management Essentials – Part 1

Keep an eye on supervision

8 March 2016

Supervision is a challenge for all of us but is a key tool for effective law management.

Commencement today of Legal Profession Uniform Law in Victoria and New South Wales

1 July 2015

The Legal Profession Uniform Law (Uniform Law), which has created a uniform system of legal professional regulation for Victoria and New South Wales, takes effect from today, 1 July.

1215 and all that … Magna Carta 800 years on

9 June 2015

Why should we care about an agreement signed between an English King and fractious nobles 800 years ago?

New legal capacity handbook for practitioners

20 May 2015

The Queensland Handbook for Practitioners on Legal Capacity was launched yesterday, 19 May, at Allens by Supreme Court judge, the Honourable Justice Ann Lyons.

Guidance Statement No. 2 - Ongoing Costs Disclosure

5 May 2015

Queensland Law Society is pleased to release QLS Guidance Statement No.2 – Ongoing Costs Disclosure. Developed for the profession, QLS Guidance Statements set out our position on a particular subject, and set out a statement of a solicitor’s responsibilities in that subject area.

Can I use client contact details for mail-outs, newsletters and advertising materials?

30 April 2015

Whether a solicitor or law practice can use a client’s contact details to provide a client with advertising or promotional material will depend on whether the client has consented to receipt of such information. 

Should restricted practitioners be engaged as contractors?

30 April 2015

No. It has come to the Society’s attention that solicitors holding restricted practising certificates (i.e. entitled to engage only in supervised legal practice) are being asked to enter into contracts for services instead of employment agreements.

What is inadvertent disclosure?

20 April 2015

Inadvertent disclosure occurs where we receive material which we know or reasonably suspect to be confidential and we are aware that the material has been disclosed inadvertently.

If I have overseas qualifications but no practising certificate, how can I describe myself?

20 April 2015

The Ethics Committee of the Queensland Law Society recommends that lay associates in Queensland who are admitted in an overseas jurisdiction may be held out under one of the following titles as appropriate to their seniority and experience.

Welcoming the future of legal practice

19 March 2015

Queensland Law Society will use its annual Symposium to look into the future of legal practice.

QLS Ethics Centre – new easy-to-use website

18 March 2015

The QLS Ethics Centre has refreshed and changed its website. We believe the improved navigation will make it easier for you to find the resources you need in practice.

Acting for friends and family

17 March 2015

The cliché (or perhaps aphorism) that a lawyer acting for themselves has a fool for a client is based on longstanding experience.

Justice P A Keane - A True Profession

9 March 2015

Read ‘A True Profession’, the inspiring speech delivered by High Court Justice Patrick Keane to the Queensland Law Society’s Legal Profession Dinner on 20 February.