Queensland Law Society

Client Care Guide

Does your practice provide a good service to its clients?   Most practitioners would answer in the affirmative, so lets put it another way:
Are you satisfied with your client retention rates, your referral rates and how quickly clients pay their bills?  Do you have a reputation for superior service delivery?   Not so sure?

Practices which demonstrate good client care are likely to benefit in a number of ways - from high levels of both high client and employee satisfaction and a better market reputation to better cashflow and higher profitability. The reputation of the profession is also enhanced as practices focus on the provision of client care, and service standards improve.

QLS is committed to helping solicitors improve the provision of client care, and has produced a new guide for members: 'Client care: communications & service'. This comprehensive best practice guide addresses a number of  issues, including differences in client and practitioner understanding of 'client care', what clients want, how client care can be a driver of profitability, and taking practitioners through the key stages of client communication from the first meeting to gaging client satisfaction. It also tackles complacency and argues that merely complying with the LPA, avoiding formal complaints and being 'pretty good most of the time' is probably not good enough.