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Introduction to legal ethics

Lawyers' ethics are principles and values which, along with conduct rules and common law, regulate a lawyer's behaviour. This website aims to equip lawyers with the information and the tools they need to act ethically at all times, while also providing the community with an insight into legal ethics.

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Ethics News
16 Mar

One of the pillars of the solicitor-client relationship is the solicitor’s duty of confidentiality-a duty which is increasingly onerous in the face of the challenges of the digital world.

12 Jan

End of year parties can leave a lot of mess to clear up. Unfortunately, this may include solicitors charged with criminal and traffic offences arising from festive celebrations.

25 Nov

The key to a good outcome for both the client and solicitor is a retainer agreement that is clear, precise and provides an accurate estimation of costs right from the beginning.

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Discipline Updates
3 Mar

PROFESSIONAL DISCIPLINE – Legal Profession – Liability as Principal for Conduct of Law Practice – Mishandling of Trust Money – Failing to Account for Funds Received – Misappropriation – Misleading Clients – Overcharging – Acting without Authority – Breaching Court Order – Misleading the Investigator - Professional Misconduct.

30 Jan

SOLICITOR – PERSONAL INTEREST CONFLICT - Rules 12.4.1 and 12.4.2 ASCR. Failure to inform testator of provision in will entitling charging legal costs for administration of estate, failing to decline to act in drawing will where solicitor to be beneficiary.

20 Jan


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