Corporate image

The shield is composed of images representing the Queensland Law Society (QLS):

  • royal authority in the area of justice (central sceptre)
  • the Maltese Cross and Cooktown Orchid represent Queensland
  • Queensland being the sunshine state and enlightenment in justice and learning (symbolic through the sunburst)
  • Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology, represents Inner Temple Bar in London
  • the Southern Cross locates QLS in Australia.

Who can use our logo? 

We receive many requests from members to use our logo on their printed or electronic marketing materials to denote their membership of the Society. However, it is not our current policy to allow third parties to use our logo.

Except, where QLS is sponsoring, endorsing or entering into a joint venture with a third party, that third party may use the QLS logo to promote the relevant product or service. QLS reserves the right to approve any material bearing our logo before it goes to print, or is made live.