QLS Graduate Program

Frequently Asked Questions

7. Do you have anyone at QLS who can move admissions?

Stafford Shepherd, Principal Ethics and Practice Counsel is eligible to move admissions. He has previously moved a number of admissions for our Ethics Clerks.

8. How many positions are there available?

QLS is offering 3 graduate positions for this program across 4 niche areas.

1. What is the expected graduate date to be eligible to participate in the QLS graduate program?

Our Graduate program runs for 2 years, so for the next intake the Graduates will need to have graduated by December 2022.

2. Is the graduate position full time?

Yes, QLS is offering the graduate position on a full-time basis.

3. Will QLS cover the cost of Practical Legal Training (PLT)?

QLS does not cover the cost of PLT but offers paid study leave for the period of PLT.

4. When do applications open?

We will be accepting application in 2022 for a 2023 commencement.

5. How long is the graduate program?

The program will run from February 2023 to January 2025.

6. What is different about your program / what will you get out of it?

The QLS graduate program offers great networking opportunities with exposure to our external law committees along with our Ethics Committee. We have niche areas of law along with offering exposure to different aspects of law including professional development sessions, parliamentary hearings and media sessions. It is a great opportunity to work for the profession rather than in the profession.