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21 Nov

Did you know that you can survive longer without food than sleep? Indeed, if you ever find yourself in a life-threatening crisis situation, you should prioritise the need to sleep over food to avoid cognitive impairment. For an alarmingly high number of people, the consequences of chronic sleep deprivation are a daily companion: constant tiredness, feeling mentally foggy, and not feeling fully refreshed when waking up. Sound familiar? Please read on.

20 Nov

Spectemur Agendo (let us be judged by our actions)

It is funny, the things that stay with you throughout your life. Although I cannot recall in too much detail what happened back in school, I remember the school motto (above). I probably do so because it has been useful to me throughout my life (both personal and professional) and it is a good thing for solicitors to keep front of mind.

20 Nov

QLS Members are advised of a major change to the ATO’s Tax Agent Portal commencing Friday 29 November 2019, which could result in significant delays in the administration of estates from this date.

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