Queensland Law Society

Advertising & sponsorship

Queensland Law Society (QLS) has a range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities for organisations who wish to directly engage with the legal profession.

The legal profession is a highly respected, prosperous, and influential professional group in Queensland.

Through QLS Advertising and Sponsorship initiatives, the Society fosters the ability for businesses across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors to create an association and build a recognisable brand with practitioners across Queensland

Our audience for products and services is mainly solicitors but also includes the judiciary and legal support staff. In addition, Society members often have influential relationships spanning across other professions and sectors, for example government, mining and resources, banking and many others.

Advertising is offered in various digital newsletters as well as QLS Proctor, a news and information website for the legal profession.

Sponsorship opportunities are available at a host of events around the state. These events vary in type, size and audience, for example professional and social, metropolitan and regional, and solicitors practising in a certain area of law or of a certain demographic.

Within major events, we offer a range of flexible packages to meet your needs and help ensure you benefit from your association with us.

To explore advertising and sponsorship opportunities:

Advertising Executive
07 3842 5921

Sponsorship Executive
07 3842 5857