Queensland Law Society

QLS Update advertising

Queensland’s legal profession has influence and power, and so does its email publication QLS Update.

QLS Update is a popular weekly email service that keeps members informed of the latest news affecting the legal profession.

Distributed to approximately 11,000 subscribers each week, QLS Update is highly valued by the legal profession and includes information on legislative changes, ethics and upcoming events. With limited advertising space and interactive links, it proves to be a popular and direct pathway to reach the legal profession.

Audience profile

  • 94 percent of all lawyers in Queensland receive QLS Update
  • 33 percent are decision makers
  • 44.6 percent of Queensland lawyers are female
  • 55.4 percent of Queensland lawyers are male
  • Queensland lawyers earn an average income of $130,000
  • Queensland firms generate $2.6 billion in income each year
  • $1.9 billion is spent by Queensland law firms each year
  • 94 percent of Queensland’s practising solicitors are members of the Society
  • 23 percent growth in QLS membership over the last five years

Benefits to your organisation

QLS Update is a highly sought after promotional channel as it offers excellent exposure to Queensland’s legal profession. Each advert includes interactive and monitored links which guide traffic to your website or other electronic material, only a certain amount of advertising is available in each edition which provides you with exclusivity.  


To request a media kit for more information about advertising options, rates, specifications and readership statistics, contact:

Advertising Executive
P: 07 3842 5921
E: advertising@qls.com.au