Queensland Law Society


We encourage you to consider nominating for the FLC. Nominating can help you build your professional profile and pave the way to the next step of your career.

All candidates are running for the role of committee member. There are ten elected positions available as ordinary members of the Committee. At its first meeting in 2021, the FLC will appoint three office bearers (a President, Deputy President and Vice President) from the successfully elected FLC members.

The Committee Charter sets out the role and obligations of the Future Leaders Committee as a whole. In addition, all Committee members are expected to be ambassadors for QLS and to utilise their experience, knowledge and contacts to assist and support the Society to achieve its strategic goals.

QLS supports inclusion and diversity and encourages regional, First Nations and rainbow representative practitioners to apply and shape the future.


How to nominate?

  1. Ensure you are a full member and included on the Roll of Electors by 9am AEST Monday 14 September 2020
  2. Read the Notice of Election (emailed and uploaded from 14 September 2020) 
  3. Fill out the online nomination form (emailed and uploaded from 14 September 2020) as follows:
    • fill in your contact details;
    • liaise with three full members on the Roll of Electors to:
      • support your application;
      • obtain your supporters' relevant QLS member number and contact details; and
      • obtain their authorisation to fill our their section on their behalf. (It is strongly recommended that you keep a written record of each authorisation).
    • obtain and upload a high resolution headshot for your QLS website profile (between 100KB and 1MB file size);
    • prepare and upload a profile piece of no more than 150 words for the QLS website, to support your candidacy, outlining:
      • the candidate's service to Future Leaders' members, the legal profession or service to the community (or all three);
      • the area of law in which you practise or wish to practise; and
      • any special interests you may have, whether inside or outside the legal profession.
    • click on the "submit" button to lodge the online nomination form to the Returning Officer, Queensland Law Society, GPO Box 1785, Brisbane, Qld 4001

Nomination forms can be lodged via online web submission (or alternatively via elections@qls.com.au – please email the Returning Officer for more details).

Nomination forms must be received by the Returning Officer by: 4pm AEST Wednesday 30 September 2020.