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Access to justice increased by additional court appointments: QLS

Date 21 Sep 2018
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Queensland Law Society has welcomed news that the State Government would fund two additional positions at the Supreme and District Courts, after calling for adequate court resourcing over many years.
President Ken Taylor said that he was pleased to hear of the additional positions, which would assist greatly in the overall efficiency of Queensland’s court system.
“The Society has been calling for adequate court resources for many years – listing it in our Call to Parties documents each State Election,” Mr Taylor said.
“We firmly believe all Queenslanders should be able to rely on well-resourced courts in order to promote access to and the administration of justice in the state.
“I thank the Government for hearing us, and in taking this first step towards assisting our justice system and those who work at the coalface each and every day.”
Mr Taylor said that the Society had called for at least five additional District Court judges and at least three additional Supreme Court judges in their 2017 Call to Parties statement.
“Here we see the beginnings of heeding our request, which not only benefits the judiciary in taking some work off their plates, but it also benefits the community by improving efficiency and access to the court system.
“Queensland’s courts have seen an increase in caseloads in the past year, with the Supreme Court noting that their criminal work load has almost tripled in four years, yet they have less judges.
“The District Court also noted an increase in criminal lodgements in their annual report, showing us that these courts are only getting busier, and will require the resources to maintain the high standards of justice they carry out day-in-day-out.”
Mr Taylor said he looked forward to seeing the appointments made in the future, and hoped to hear of more funding allocated to additional positions by the State Government.
“This is one step forward for the carriage of justice in our state, but it’s time to keep the ball rolling and ensure all Queenslanders have access to our fine court system.”