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Concerns over proposed synthetic drug classification

Date 22 Nov 2012
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Queensland Law Society said there could be unintended consequences with proposed changes to the classification of ‘synthetic drugs’.

QLS Deputy President Annette Bradfield questioned the broadening of this definition in a Bill to be introduced into parliament by the Attorney-General.

Referring to the Attorney-General’s media release on this issue, Ms Bradfield said there were concerns with the proposed breadth of capturing ‘all synthetic drugs that are ‘intended’ to have the same effect as a scheduled dangerous drug’.

“It also begs the question, whose intention is being referred to - the drug user, the drug manufacturer or the drug supplier?” Ms Bradfield said.

“The proposed changes indicate that the ingredients in the drug wouldn’t need to necessarily be on the list of banned substances.

“This means that the community will have no guidance on what is and what isn’t a banned substance.

“We await the details of the Amendment Bill and urge the Government to provide further clarification of this definition.”