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Equality before law: Queensland’s peak legal body cites deficiency in current marriage laws

Date 25 Aug 2017
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Queensland Law Society today (FRI 25 AUG) released its position on the current marriage laws in Australia.
“The Society as the representative body for nearly 12,000 solicitors in the State has been deeply considering the current debate and consulted widely in determining what approach to take,” president Christine Smyth said.
“We determined that it was proper for us to go beyond making a mere statement, instead we formulated our own policy position on this. 
“We are an organisation that stands for good law and good lawyers and so it is proper that we lead and approach this from a legally grounded perspective that lasts beyond the current populist debate.
“In particular, noting that equality before the law is an essential tenet of the rule of law.
“QLS supports the fundamental principles of the Australian legal system.
“By preventing same-sex couples from entering into marriage, the law as it currently stands creates a baseless and artificial legal distinction between their relationships and those of heterosexuals,” Ms Smyth said.
“Australia is a land of many cultures, backgrounds and beliefs, and it is our duty as solicitors to foster and work for the good of the community as a whole.
“I refer to our policy position which states that in our view, the discrimination currently facing same-sex couples in the federal legislation constitutes a breach of fundamental legal principles which requires rectification through legislative amendment.
“This issue must be resolved through legislative amendment to ensure that this type of long-standing discrimination does not happen again.”

You can find the Society's policy position here.


For further information, please contact Mel Raassina on 07 3842 5849 or via email media@qls.com.au.