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Nothing broken with workers’ compensation

Date 28 May 2013
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Queensland Law Society said today it welcomed the Workers’ Compensation Review report from the Parliament’s Finance and Administration Committee and was pleased to see support for the current regime.

President Annette Bradfield said Queensland has the best workers' compensation system in Australia for sustainability and fairness.

“At the heart of our submissions was advocacy for the current system as being a national exemplar,” Ms Bradfield said.

“It’s in good financial health – making a profit last year with sufficient reserves to meet its liabilities, unlike most comparable schemes in other states.

“We have fewer common law claims now than in 2010, and all claims rates and payments continue to decrease.

“Queensland has the second lowest average premium in the country at 1.45% of wages, although when you factor in that Victorian employers pay a higher excess, it’s on par with that state.

“The area where we see Queensland most benefiting from change to the scheme is in initiatives that work to reduce rates of injury – the one aspect where we fall behind the other states.

“We’ll be closely watching the outcome of this issue as well as journey claims and common law thresholds when the government reviews the committee’s report and comes to its own conclusion.

“We congratulate the authors of the report as it’s a great example of quality output from a comprehensive consultation process.”