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Date 21 Nov 2013
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Queensland Law Society commended the government today for the effective consultation on laws affecting property-related businesses and consumers.

President Annette Bradfield was pleased all stakeholders had the opportunity to express their views on simplifying the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000 (PAMDA), with amendments introduced into parliament today.

“PAMDA will be split into four pieces of legislation applicable to property agents, motor dealers, commercial agents and chattel auctioneers,” Ms Bradfield said.

“An important practical change is incorporating warning statements into property contracts which should reduce disputes between buyers and sellers.

“The Bill is a product of a good consultation process – asking for submissions on the proposal, drafting the law and conducting a parliamentary committee review of the Bill to ensure it is fair and applicable.

“This is an example of healthy democratic process, also recently applied to directors’ liability laws.

“We welcome future opportunities to consult with the government on proposed laws.”