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QLD to receive much-needed reform on class actions

Date 05 Aug 2016
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The Queensland Government’s announcement of class action reforms was a positive step towards providing Queenslanders with the same legal rights as those in NSW and Victoria, according to Queensland Law Society.

QLS president Bill Potts said that the significant issue with having no recourse to class action in the state was that it deprived Queenslanders of a tool for efficient access to judicial processes.

“Class actions are often the only way that poorly resourced victims of disasters and other tragedies can uphold their rights, but for Queensland victims with a possible class action, the only option previously has been to commence those actions in other jurisdictions,” he said.

“We have previously engaged on this issue with stakeholders to stop Queenslanders being seen as second-class legal citizens, and I am pleased to see the Queensland Government working with us on this important reform.”

Queensland’s current system forces major class actions to be lodged in the Supreme Courts of NSW and Victoria.

“There are at least six large Queensland-based class actions under way or being prepared that have been forced into NSW or Victoria,” he said.

“This reform is about bringing Queensland’s legal system into line with other states and it is this type of ¬≠excellent micro-economic reform that will bring the fiscal benefits of the litigation north.

“It will also use the expertise of judges and lawyers who have local knowledge.

“The reforms are simple and will save a lot of stress and time for people who have already suffered.

“In particular, they will enable those who have suffered child sexual abuse at the hands of one person or entity to join together into one case, rather than file individual cases for each victim.

“It is win-win for everybody and I applaud the Queensland Government on making this a priority for Queenslanders.”


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