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QLS backs changes to legislation protecting community from nefarious tow-truck operations

Date 07 Aug 2017
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Queensland Law Society president Christine Smyth has welcomed proposed sensible legislative changes aimed at clamping down on disreputable tow-truck operators from ripping off the public when parking on private premises.

The Queensland Government today (Monday Aug 7) endorsed a report recommendation changes to legislation that would cap fees for operators and ensure they were properly licensed with acceptable behaviour towards the public.

“These much needed changes are very welcome in Queensland as they protect property owners utilising tow-truck services to manage private parking zones and assist in regulating the industry properly and fairly,” Ms Smyth said.

“These are the same people who once utilised clamps on the tyres of unsuspecting drivers, effectively robbing them of their main form of transport for a period of time and through much hassle.”

Proposed legislative changes include the introduction of capped fees for towing vehicles from private property, capped fees to release cars, compulsory tow truck licences and licensed trucks for drivers towing from private lots, and fines for abusive and threatening behaviour.

Minimum signage requirements including adequate visibility are also in the changes.

Ms Smyth said this would assist drivers in better understanding where they can and cannot park when on private premises.

“Previously this area was not legislated properly and it was time that we raised the standards for these drivers and rid them of the financial incentive to rip off the public,” Ms Smyth said.

“The Society was pleased to contribute to the debate on these changes and I applaud the Government for taking swift and effective action."


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