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QLS backs government move on gun reform

Date 10 Oct 2017
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Queensland Law Society has thrown its support behind changes to gun laws proposed by the state government.

President Christine Smyth on Tuesday (Oct 10) welcomed reforms to restrict access to high capacity lever-action shotguns – a move QLS has supported and discussed at length with Queensland Police, Fire, Emergency and Corrective Services Minister Mark Ryan.

“QLS has been working closely with the Queensland Government on updated reforms and we are pleased to see tighter restrictions on these type of firearms," Ms Smyth said.
Ms Smyth said when it came to gun control, being proactive with legislative reform was essential.
“John Howard’s initial gun control measures were made in response to a tragedy that still haunts us all; we should not wait for another before revisiting them," she said.
“Reforms like this work towards preventing our own Sandy Hook or Las Vegas massacres.”

Ms Smyth’s comments follow Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s announcement of the government’s decision to restrict access to the shotguns in a move designed to strengthen Australia’s National Firearms Agreement.

Ms Palaszczuk said the decision would improve public safety while ensuring farmers still had access to the weapons they need to do their jobs.

“We’re talking about restricting access to a small number of high capacity shotguns,” the Premier said.

“This won’t prevent primary producers from eradicating vermin, but ensures that all high capacity lethal firearms can only be possessed by the very small number of people who have a legitimate reason to do so."

The reclassification brings Queensland into line with a COAG decision in December 2016 to strengthen the National Firearms Agreement (NFA).


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