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QLS backs plan for common law rights as part of NIIS

Date 19 Apr 2016
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The Queensland Government’s announcement of a commitment to common law rights while implementing the NIIS was a win for common sense and the taxpayers hip pocket, according to Queensland Law Society.

Society president Bill Potts congratulated the government on its preparedness to ensure the National Injury Insurance Scheme would provide common law rights to people who are catastrophically injured.

Queensland Law Society together with representatives of the Australian Lawyers Alliance has successfully consulted with members of the Government as well as the opposition to ensure that the rights of our most vulnerable citizens were protected.
The comments follow Tuesday’s announcement by the Palaszczuk Labor Government of its commitment to a hybrid model of NIIS.
This is a win for common sense, a win for fiscal responsibility and most importantly of all, a win for Queenslanders,” Mr Potts said.
“The Society has advocated long and hard for this and consulted at length with all sides of politics; it is very pleasing to see that we have been heard.”
Mr Potts said that the scheme would now provide for catastrophically injured people while maintaining their choice of carer and the ability to live near personal support networks. Importantly, he said, the scheme would also be financially viable.
“Schemes which remove common law rights inevitably fail financially, a fact which we made quite clear to government,’’ he said.
“By maintaining common law rights – the rights of Queenslanders – the scheme will fund itself; it is a win-win situation and we support this responsible and compassionate approach.”

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