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QLS criminal history tours take a walk on the dark side

Date 09 May 2012
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Queensland Law Society’s popular criminal history tours, running from 8 to 17 May, have opened for bookings and tickets are selling fast.

The criminal history tours cover significant criminal and legal affairs over the past 160 years of Brisbane’s history, and various options are on offer such as daytime bus tours and night time CBD walking tours.

They are proudly sponsored by QUT Practical Legal Training.

The daytime bus tours include a rare look inside the holding bay of Boggo Road Jail where participants will hear stories of some of the prison’s most infamous and sinister occupants.

The night time CBD walking tours, on the other hand, will offer the tangible experience of shadowing the footsteps of the spirited, sinful and insane.

Queensland Law Society CEO Noela L’Estrange said extra time slots for the tours had been added this year due to high demand last year.

“The Society welcomes the enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge the public has shown through their interest in the tours,” Ms L’Estrange said.

“Brisbane’s history is riddled with incredible and little known events that have gone on to shape the legislative and criminal justice systems of our state.

“It is encouraging to see a public so eager to engage with and learn from the past.”

Ticket prices are $30 per person, including the tour, refreshments and a gift pack, and school groups are welcome.

The tours are one of a number of exciting activities offered by Queensland Law Society in celebration of Law Week (14-20 May).

Law Week is a major event in the national legal calendar which aims to build stronger connections between the legal profession and the public.