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QLS supports decision of the High Court in Baden-Clay ruling

Date 12 May 2016
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Queensland Law Society has urged all Queenslanders to respect the High Court of Australia’s decision in relation to the Crown’s appeal to reverse the quashing of convicted wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay’s murder charge.

QLS president Bill Potts said all Queenslanders – and indeed all Australians – enjoy the protection and support of an extremely robust legal system serviced by some of the most competent and fair-minded judges in the world.

“Those judges are ably assisted by exceptional and highly ethical solicitors and barristers, and the community can be confident that this decision represents the best interpretation of the law, unaffected by bias or the relentless press of the 24/7 media cycle,” he said.

“It is important now to allow the final chapter of the legal process to play out according to the practices and procedures of the courts, and without hyperbolic media commentary.

“We need to remember that whatever people think of the result, this is the final act of a tragedy in which three daughters have lost a mother, two parents have lost a daughter, siblings a sister and we should not, as a community, allow this to turn into a sideshow.”

Mr Potts said he had every confidence in the Australian Court system.

“The only way you could improve our courts – as I have said many times – is to appoint more judges and magistrates; I can only hope that is as obvious to the state and federal governments as it is to me.”


For further information, please contact Tony Keim on 07 3842 5835, mobile 0488 433 884 or via email, t.keim@qls.com.au.