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Queensland Law Society welcomes legislation to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence

Date 18 Feb 2016
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Queensland Law Society has welcomed the overnight passage of the Government’s legislation to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence.

The Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Amendment Bill is part of an election commitment from the current government, and aims to reduce violence through reduced trading hours.

Society president Bill Potts said he welcomed the new legislation in the hope that it will prevent the further loss of lives due to coward punches and alcohol-fuelled violence.

“This is a big step towards ending the carnage on our streets, and the Society welcomes this important legislation," Mr Potts said.
“Research shows that these measures will reduce violence, which is the primary goal here. The Society has always held that preventing the violence in the first place was far better than punishing it after the fact.”
President Potts said that the legislation was likely to quite literally save lives.
“This time next year there will be people walking around happy and healthy who would otherwise be deceased due to coward-punch attacks – that’s the stark reality of it.
“Of course, this may mean less business for some people, including criminal lawyers like me, but in this case it is a reduction in clients that we enthusiastically welcome.”
The laws will be independently reviewed after two years of implementation.