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Removal of limitation statute a win for sex abuse victims: QLS says

Date 09 Nov 2016
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The removal of the statute of limitations for victims of sexual abuse to claim compensation would go a long way to healing decades of injustice and suffering, according to the Queensland Law Society.

Society president Bill Potts on Wednesday (Nov 9) said the Labor Palaszczuk Government should be commended for moving swiftly to remove legal limits hampering sex abuse victims from making damages claims.

The legislative changes come almost four months after QLS called for this form of legislative change to allow victims of sex abuse to have access to justice.

“QLS is thrilled the state government has acted quickly to remove the statute of limitations for victims of institutionalised sexual abuse,” he said.

“QLS has previously made submissions to the state government that this was the appropriate direction to go.

“This is not about money, but rather acknowledging the life-long pain and suffering of child abuse victims and providing just compensation so they can receive counselling and the help they need as a result of the betrayal suffered in their youth."

Mr Potts said it was a positive sign that both the state Labor and LNP parties had taken a bi-partisan approach to such an important issue.


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