Queensland Law Society

Society on front foot in State election lead-up

Date 01 Dec 2011
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Queensland Law Society is on the front foot in the lead-up to the next election, sending 11 priority legal profession issues to the ALP, LNP, KAP and Greens.

The issues cover a range of social and practice concerns including legal aid funding, the current status of 17-year-olds placed in adult correctional facilities and criminal liability of company directors.

They were developed after a consultation process with Queensland Law Society committees and members on their most important concerns.

President Bruce Doyle said the Society has offered to meet with representatives of the four political parties and requested a reply to all eleven issues by 15 December.

“As solicitors we come in direct contact with many serious social and legal concerns every day.

“We are taking this opportunity to push these concerns to the forefront and receive an undertaking from both political parties to do something about them.

“We are targeting significant issues that affect thousands of Queenslanders such as improving people’s right to legal representation before the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal and tidying up property vendor disclosure obligations that currently sit in 10 different Acts.

“Even without a looming State election, many of these issues need to be addressed.

“For example, we have long advocated for one of our nominated issues – better resourcing for courts and tribunals, particularly in regional Queensland where the reduction of circuits is increasing costs and delays for people who need their matters to be determined by a court.

“Similarly, the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal is a victim or its own success with long delays to hearings because of its high workload.

“We are keen to work with both parties and deliver a solution on every issue raised.”