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Society opposes abolition of Sentencing Advisory Council

Date 22 May 2012
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Queensland Law Society is disappointed to learn of the Government’s decision to disband the Sentencing Advisory Council.

The Sentencing Advisory Council is a useful channel for Queenslanders to be informed on sentencing trends.

The Council is an important public organ that serves essential public functions, in particular, the provision of information to the community to enhance knowledge and understanding of matters relating to sentencing; the publication of information relating to sentencing; the research of matters relating to sentencing; and publication of the research results.

Queensland Law Society President Dr John de Groot said that the Council’s public education function means that the scope of the Council is broader than that of the Queensland Law Reform Commission.

“Queenslanders greatly benefit from the public education service provided, including newsletters and presentations,” Dr de Groot said.

“The Council has also been effective in its community consultations and has produced well balanced reports that feed into Government policy considerations.

“The Council has a diverse composition, including experts in law enforcement, criminal law and juvenile justice and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice issues and therefore has access to a range of views on sentencing policy matters.

“A properly established and functioning Council does contribute positively to the operation of the criminal justice system in Queensland and the Society would urge the Government to reconsider its decision.”