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State political parties must create judicial commission to ensure a robust and accountable judiciary for all Queenslanders: says QLS

Date 13 Nov 2017
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The state’s peak lawyer group is demanding political parties commit to the creation of an independent judicial commission to ensure all Queenslanders can be confident they have an independent, fair and accountable judiciary.

Queensland Law Society highlighted the need for the reform in its 2017 State Election Call to Parties – saying the establishment of a commission to preserve and enhance a strong and independent judiciary is critical to the preservation and evolution of the justice system.

President Christine Smyth said public confidence in the administration of justice in Queensland would be fortified by ensuring all processes surrounding the judicial appointments, conduct and education were open, transparent and independent.

“Queensland is fortunate to have an excellent judiciary who dispense justice daily and do so with distinction,” Ms Smyth said.

“A judicial commission would ameliorate the perception of political appointments, introduce a level independence not currently evident, address allegations of judicial misconduct and provide ongoing education to judicial officers.

“In addition, the very existence of the commission would go a long way to blunt ill-informed attacks on the integrity of the system.”

Ms Smyth said the commission should also be charged with formulating a list of potential judicial appointments from which the Queensland Attorney-General must choose.

“Any deviations from this list must be openly reported to Parliament,” she said.


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