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Supporting more funding for legal assistance services in Queensland

Date 21 May 2015
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Queensland Law Society (QLS) supports the Law Council of Australia’s recent request for the Attorneys-General on the Law, Crime and Community Safety Council (LCCSC) to urgently commit more funding to legal assistance services.

The Law Council of Australia urges the LCCSC to discuss this matter at their Council meeting this Friday, 22 May 2015, or risk critically undermining access to justice in Australia.

Queensland’s Attorney-General and other State and Territory Attorneys-General have penned a letter to Senator, The Hon. George Brandis QC, Commonwealth Attorney-General. The letter reiterates their concern for the Commonwealth Government funding proposal for Legal Aid, urging Senator Brandis to reconsider the latest federal budget proposal.

Mr Michael Fitzgerald, President of Queensland Law Society, supports the Law Council’s request.

“We support the Law Council’s request for the LCCSC to commit more funding to legal assistance services and applaud Queensland Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath and other State and Territory Attorneys-General for their stance on funding.

“Legal Aid service providers are heavily impacted by a lack of secure funding.

“The Society is also concerned about the impact the cuts will have on community legal centres and the three Legal Aid Commissions in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.

“These community legal centres and commissions provide a valuable service to vulnerable Australians, an undertaking that the Society acknowledges as integral to local communities.

“We call on the Queensland Attorney-General, Yvette D’Ath, and other State and Territory Attorneys-General to strive to reach an agreement on a sustainable funding model at Friday’s meeting,” he said.