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Volunteer solicitors promoted peaceful G20 protests

Date 17 Nov 2014
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Queensland Law Society today congratulated Caxton Legal Centre on their successful Independent Legal Observers Project that contributed to a relatively peaceful G20.

Vice president Deborah Awyzio said Caxton Legal Centre started planning for the project more than 18 months ago.

“The project’s comprehensive preparations and effective coordination with the legal profession and Queensland Police was evident on the G20 weekend,” Ms Awyzio said.

“Over the course of the weekend, independent legal observers’ presence helped to calm interactions between police and protesters.

“Brisbane saw some isolated incidents of arrests, but nowhere near what we feared could be the case.

“The observers comprised about 50 volunteer solicitors and barristers and it’s quite incredible that these legal practitioners agreed to put themselves potentially in harm’s way to contribute to a safe G20.

“In the end, the greatest potential harm was the weekend’s extreme heat.

“On behalf of the profession we thank Caxton Legal Centre for the tremendous amount of meticulous planning and preparation they put in to the ILO Program.

“We also appreciate the initiative of every observer who selflessly volunteered to help ensure lawful interactions between citizens and the police.