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YJ deterrents draconian and ineffective

Date 26 Sep 2013
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Queensland Law Society said today the government’s proposed changes to youth justice laws were unjust and regressive.

President Annette Bradfield stated the raft of changes raised were draconian in nature and would be ineffective in practice.

“There’s been a particular focus on ‘naming and shaming’ young people, despite evidence from the Northern Territory where this is in practice that demonstrates its lack of success,” Ms Bradfield said.

“The Northern Territory experience has shown that naming can result in harassment and disruption to their education.

“Worryingly, identification of young people in that jurisdiction translated to reporting in the media in a haphazard manner.

“Removing detention as a last resort is also highly concerning as it strips away a fundamental tenet of our justice system, disconnecting sentencing from rehabilitation and reducing recidivism.

“These changes will be expensive and ineffective.

“Repeat offenders need targeted intervention strategies that address the social and family issues with which these kids struggle.”