Queensland Law Society

2016-17 land tax assessment cycle under way

Queensland land tax assessments are now being issued by the Office of State Revenue (OSR) for the 2016-17 financial year. The OSR is also contacting first-time taxpayers to explain land tax obligations and available exemptions.

There are new online tools to support you and your clients through the annual assessment cycle:

  • home exemption application (Form LT12)—for individuals who have not yet applied for an exemption for the home in which they live
  • change of address—for Queensland residents to update address details for multiple government services.

All the information needed can be found at qld.gov.au/landtax.

OSR can send news about land tax that would be most relevant to you and your clients. So they can direct their email updates (and not send you information you don’t want), complete a land tax profile.