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ATO website - FRCGW form outage

The ATO has advised that it is currently experiencing a temporary system issue which is impacting the online forms for foreign resident capital gains withholding (FRCGW).

The ATO has provided the following PDF versions of the forms which members will need to use when applying for a clearance certificate or variation for settlements.  

  1. FRCGW purchaser payment notification form
  2. FRCGW rate variation application
  3. FRCGW clearance certificate application

The ATO has advised:

  • use the postal address on the form to send the Clearance certificate application using express post (to ensure it gets to the right team as quickly as possible)
  • for urgent Clearance certificate requests please use the following email address: clearancecertificate@ato.gov.au  Please note that emails are not a secure channel and that the TFN is not a compulsory field
  • Variation requests can be emailed to FRWVariation@ato.gov.au

Payments can be made by filling in the Purchaser payment notification and sending this to the ATO together with the cheque:

Locked Bag 1936
Albury  NSW  1936

If the online system is not available, faxes should not be used due to the interrelationship between ATO systems.

Please check back to the QLS website for further news as the ATO will continue to update us.