Queensland Law Society

Access to Justice Scorecard Survey 2017

In July 2017, QLS asked members to identify existing barriers and propose ideas on how to improve access to justice for Queenslanders, by contributing to the annual Access to Justice Scorecard. The Scorecard assesses the workings of our legal system through the lens of the profession, including the fairness of our laws, dispute resolution and Queenslanders’ access to legal help.

The report has been finalised and 2017’s survey results informed the Society that the following barriers to accessing justice continue to exist in Queensland:

  • a lack of funding provided to services such as Legal Aid Queensland and CLCs;
  • the capacity of many Queenslanders to afford the legal services they need;
  • the perceived complexity and length of resolving legal issues through courts and tribunals; and
  • insufficient court resources and in particular, insufficient numbers of judges and magistrates to resolve disputes.

Based on the responses, key items for continued development and reform to improve access to justice include:

  • increased funding and resources;
  • development by the legal profession of alternative fee structures, including discrete task assistance;
  • expansion of online resources and file management capabilities.

Given such trends, it is expected that the use of technology in ensuring access to justice will continue to be a theme in future years.

Read the full report for a greater insight.