Queensland Law Society

Building resilience and managing difficult clients and colleagues

Robyn Bradey, author of ‘The Resilient Lawyer’ resource, will present two core professional skills (PS) workshops at Law Society House on Wednesday 7 February. These workshops complement each other and offer essential skills that will help lawyers at all stages of their careers better manage the stressors of working in the law and enable them to thrive in the legal profession.

Robyn Bradey is a leading Australian speaker and an internationally renowned consultant, working across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. An accredited mental health social worker with more than 30 years’ experience, Robyn specialises in teaching professionals to communicate effectively in difficult situations, and recognise and deal with the warning signs of mental health issues.

Workshop 1: How to be a resilient lawyer (3 CPD points)

Explore ways to stay well at work using practical tips to respond to and manage workplace pressure and situations. This workshop will also provide practical tips on ways to increase your awareness of negative thoughts and employing methods to manage them. Register here

Workshop 2: Dealing with difficult clients and colleagues (2 CPD points)

Gain knowledge and skills on ways to effectively resolve conflict with clients, as well as with colleagues, to support creativity, productivity and increased profit. Register here