Queensland Law Society

Save time recording CPD activities

To simplify the process of recording CPD activities, our CPD online tool has been designed to integrate with a practitioner’s busy workload.

Via your online member profile, you can keep a central register for all of your CPD activities, with profiles automatically updated for every professional development event attended and run by the Society. Records can also be updated with any other CPD activities undertaken, including attendance at committee meetings.

Using the online tool to keep your profile up-to-date can be of great benefit in the event that you are audited, as the records can be easily accessed by QLS for auditing purposes.

This year’s annual CPD audit revealed 30% of practitioners audited recorded their activity using the online CPD tool.  Those practitioners simply received an email from the auditor notifying them that they had been audited and were found to be CPD compliant.  No further effort was required on their part.

QLS members are encouraged to start using the tool to record all CPD activities.

Logon > Your QLS > Your forms > CPD History > Self Nominated - CPD Points

Your future CPD audit could be as simple as receiving an email to say you are CPD compliant!