Queensland Law Society

CPD compliance audit begins 1 August

Each year Queensland Law Society audits 20% of practitioners for compliance with the CPD scheme. For QLS accredited specialists, all those who have held their accreditation for less than three years will be audited. For specialists who have held their accreditation for more than three years, 25% will be audited.

The CPD compliance audit for the 2015-16 CPD year (which ended on 31 March 2016) will commence on 1 August 2016.

To assist practitioners in maintaining their CPD records and complying with their CPD requirements, QLS has launched a new and improved online CPD tool which can be accessed via your membership profile as follows:

Logon > Your QLS > Your forms > CPD History > Self Nominated - CPD Points

Guidance on the CPD scheme can also be found under Continuing professional development (CPD) on the QLS website.

If you are audited, fully and correctly recording your CPD activities using the online CPD tool may save you from having to provide further information to the CPD auditor.

Please email cpd@qls.com.au with any questions regarding the CPD scheme.