Queensland Law Society

Cessation of the Free Legal Advice Panel and continuing Lexon Complaints Cover

The Free Legal Advice Panel Scheme ended on 30 June 2020.

In 2020/21 Lexon will be continuing to provide the LSC Investigations Cover Extension (“LSC Cover”) for insured practices.

However, the cessation of the 6 hours of free legal advice provided by QLS has necessitated Lexon restructuring the way that the LSC Cover will be accessed.

In previous years, access was generally predicated upon insured practices first exhausting the 6 hours of free legal advice via the Free Legal Advice Panel ("FLAP") as it is currently known. Once that had occurred, practices were eligible for the LSC Cover subject to payment of a $500 excess (and otherwise the terms and conditions of the policy).

Going forward, Lexon will replace this with an "Uninsured Component" which broadly equates to the combined value of the previous FLAP entitlement and the $500 excess. This has been set at $3,000.

To qualify for the LSC Cover in relation to a Queensland matter, the $3,000 will need to be incurred and paid to a member of what will now be known as the Lexon LSC Panel.

The Society will publish the Lexon LSC Panel and how to obtain access to its services as they come to hand.

Practitioners with inquiries about this cover should contact Lexon on 07 3007 1266.