Queensland Law Society

Changes to CPD rules

A number of changes have been made to the continuing professional development (CPD) rules with which all solicitors in Queensland must comply. The changes, effective from 24 November 2016, clarify the position regarding the approved CPD activities set out in Rule 48.

The main changes are:

  • Rule 47(7) now contains a pro rata table relevant to practitioners who commence or recommence practice (for example, after a period of leave) during a CPD year setting out how many CPD units they must complete.
  • Provided that post-graduate study otherwise meets the CPD rules, solicitors can claim one CPD unit per hour of participation.

Holders of volunteer practising certificates should note that they must also complete 10 CPD units each CPD year, including one unit in each of the mandatory core areas.

The current CPD rules can be found in Part 6 of the Queensland Law Society Administration Rule 2005.

These changes will provide greater consistency with CPD requirements in other jurisdictions.

A new CPD guide has been approved by the Society’s CPD committee and will be available soon.