Queensland Law Society

Clients: understanding fees, rights and obligations

Queensland Law Society is the peak membership body for the solicitors of Queensland, with a focus on assisting the public in their understanding of the law and legal profession.

For many members of the community, they may only see a solicitor a handful of times in their life for standard transactions such as the creation of a will, dealing with an estate or the purchase or sale of property.

It is important as a client to understand not only your legal obligations but also your rights when engaging a solicitor.

When employing the services of a solicitor, a client pays for their experience, skills, resources, time and the expected result. The solicitor also has obligations to meet when providing the service and in charging their professional fees.

The client should always be comfortable communicating with their solicitor. We encourage members of the public to ask questions of their solicitor if they are unsure.

The Society has maintained important information and factsheets to explain in detail a client’s rights when instructing a solicitor. This information can be accessed here.

For concerns about the service provided, the recommended process is available here. Queensland Law Society does not handle complaints regarding the conduct of solicitors. This is the jurisdiction of the Legal Services Commission.