Queensland Law Society

Community information following Cyclone Debbie aftermath

QLS president Christine Smyth encourages members of our community to contact your solicitor if you have concerns arising from the recent adverse conditions.

Please find some useful information and resources below:

Going to court

If you are scheduled to go to one of the courts today, please ensure that they are open. Stay up to date via the Queensland Courts website or call your local courthouse. You can also touch base with your solicitor. Remember to stay safe on the roads and on public transport. Stay up to date via the Queensland Traffic website, continue to follow the Queensland Police updates on their social media channels and stay updated via Translink.

If you are unable to attend court due to flood waters or associated disaster issues, please contact your solicitor to advise and seek their advice on what options are available to you.

Insurance matters

The Insurance Council of Australia have declared a catastrophe for damage caused by Debbie and have stated that insurers were ready to assist policyholders. They advise those affected to lodge a claim as soon as they can. You can visit them on Twitter or their website for further information and updates.

Ongoing matters

If you have ongoing legal matters, please speak with your solicitor for any updates during the ongoing weather situation. For those located in areas affected, please be mindful that some firms may be closed and uncontactable.

General information

If you have been affected personally in your home, you can visit Queensland Government’s Get Ready Website for further information. You can also contact your local Federal Member’s office or visit their websites or social media channels for further information on what assistance is offered in your area.

The Queensland Government are also running a Community Recovery Hotline – 1800 173 349 that is live for information or for assistance.

Applications for financial assistance can be made online through www.communityrecovery.qld.gov.au. Stay up to date via their website.

President Christine Smyth asks that above all, you remain safe with your loved ones.